What is Inter-Cultural Intelligence


No matter if you have stayed at home or have relocated to another country; in more ways then ever before we are interfacing across borders.

Over 300 million people live outside the country of their birth and almost 1/3 of the global work force engages across borders on a regular basis (virtually or face-to-face).

Our world is interconnected and will require collaborative investment to manage the dilemmas our world is facing!

Therefore we need a new way of equipping ourselves for relational success in a diverse world.

Engaging people effectively requires us to look beyond the external clues that we have used for so long to put people in cultural boxes. These boxes are at best superficial and in most cases dangerously inaccurate.

We believe people have unique cultural preferences in the same way they have a unique personality driven behavioral style. This is why KnowledgeWorkx created the Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) analysis framework and methodologies.

Although Nationality, Ethnicity and Race are important ways to create identity and ways to discuss broader topics of diversity, they are not always the best starting point to connect! If we start with the premise that every human being has their own unique cultural preferences, it results in a powerful shift in our interaction.

What do people say who practice Inter-Cultural Intelligence?

  • It makes me less bias and more curious
  • We are more likely to connect based on our common humanity
  • It establishes trust and respect
  • We connect deeper faster

Developing ICI will not only illuminate the relationships between your culture, your colleagues' culture, company culture, and national culture; you will learn what to do with that information, as well as develop the competencies to think and act appropriately. ICI Practioners are bridge builders and are uniquely equipped to build culture (we call it the “Third Cultural Space”).

ICI consists of a powerful set of methods and tools and has many ways to have a transformational impact: develop high-performing intercultural teams (including distributed teams), equip global leaders, manage intercultural stakeholders, bridge cultural communication gaps, develop global HR practices, globalize the DNA of your organization, engage clients across borders and successfully navigate the corporate and intercultural landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

Culture is a deeply integrated part of who we are; it influences every daily interaction. In the past, it was difficult to pin down the wide-ranging influences culture has on our day to day interactions.

The Inter-Cultural Intelligence framework empowers you to you have a systematic non-geographic approach to develop higher levels of relational success in a global and diverse world.


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