In a society with a strong culture of Achieved status, you work hard and put in long hours to achieve, discover or develop something significant. As a result, you get…

Richard Lim | 2020-05-19 Tue

Are you guided more by what you personally desire in life, or by what is approved of in the communities you’re a part of? In the dimension of Accountability, people operate on a spectrum from…

Richard Lim | 2020-05-12 Tue

Have you ever been stunned by the bluntness of a colleague? Or only after a project falls apart, realized your boss's vague hints were meant to help you see major problems with your work?

Richard Lim | 2020-05-05 Tue

Planning describes the way we prioritize our lives.

How do you plan, and what is at the center of your priorities? The two poles of the Planning dimension are the preferences of

Richard Lim | 2020-04-28 Tue

Decision-Making is the eighth dimension for mapping our intercultural terrain.

If you’re familiar with cultural theory, you will have come across Trompenaars’ first orientation -…

Richard Lim | 2020-04-22 Wed

Have you met someone for the first time and found their behavior cold and distant? Perhaps they seemed non-communicative and you simply couldn’t read them. Today we're talking about the dimension…

Richard Lim | 2020-04-14 Tue

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